“It has been a dream come true, and I look forward to you becoming part of the IncluSV Beauty Family.” 
Salem Berhane, Owner.

Welcome to

IncluSV Beauty Solutions

IncluSV Beauty Solutions is a Black Owned Beauty Supply and Natural Hair Services store located on the east side of Windsor, Ontario. At IncluSV Beauty, we provide a one stop shop with a variety of products and services under one roof.

At InclusvBeauty Solutions, our mission is to provide a transformative experience for women, men, and children by empowering them to embrace their natural hair styles. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and normalizing natural hairstyles as professional choices.

By celebrating the beauty of diverse hair textures and promoting inclusivity, we strive to redefine beauty standards and create a world where everyone can feel proud and empowered in their natural hair.

Our passion, expertise and products will satisfy all your hair needs. 

Together, let’s embrace the beauty of authenticity and redefine professional style, one strand at a time.

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